DD2365/DD3371 VT19-1 Advanced Computation in Fluid Mechanics

DD2365/DD3371 VT19-1 Advanced Computation in Fluid Mechanics

The goal of the course is to develop an understanding for computational methods in fluid mechanics, with focus on adaptive finite element methods (FEM), and to learn how to apply these computational methods to real world fluid mechanics problems. Research challenges in the field are highlighted, e.g. with respect to high performance computing and simulation of turbulent flow. The first part of the course presents some theoretical background and gives an introduction to computational tools, which are used in the second part of the course focused on project work. 

Recommended prerequisite is any of the following courses: 

DD2363 Methods in Scientific Computing

SF2561 The Finite Element Method

Or similar.

Contact the course coordinator if unsure

Written examination: Thursday May 28, 08.15-13.00, in D32-D35
3.5hp (Grade: A, B, C, D, E, FX, F)

Project: report deadline Wednesday May 27
4.0hp (P/F)

  • The laboratory work in the project part of the course consists of 4 assignments (labs). Each assignment can give bonus points for the written exam if submitted in time for the deadline; maximum 5p per assignment, in total maximum 4x5p=20p. 
  • Project report and presentation: can give up to 30 bonus points for the written exam.

The course is conditionally elective for the Scientific Computing track (CSSC) of the Master's programme in Computer Science

The course will be joint run with the DD3371 course on doctoral level

To take the course please register, and send an email to the course coordinator with Subject: DD2365.

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