DM2574 HT17-1 Media Production

DM2574 HT17-1 Media Production

Welcome to the course Media Production, running in HT17.


This course has two learning outcomes.

The first is to gain knowledge about what media are, how are divided and how are different media produced. This knowledge is important in order to gain insight and understanding about the how of the media outlets. 

The second objective is to be able to assess and critically evaluate a media product. With knowledge about the underlying production process, it is now possible to objectively assess whether why of a media product is achieved.


In accordance with the first learning outcome, you will have lectures and labs that explain the production of different media types: printed products, photography, web, video, sound, video games. The labs will allow you to try to produce some of these media for yourself: you will try out several Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc.) to create different types of media files. The goal of these tasks is for you to gain an understanding of what different type of media professions mean. The goal is not for you to gain professional knowledge about them.

Within the second learning outcome, there will be a series of lectures with the goal of evaluating media from different perspectives: historical connotation and convergence, (internet) security, gender equality, critical thinking. These lectures will help to take the media production knowledge one step above and observe the nuances, repercussions and objectives behind it.  

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