FDT3301 HT20-1 Ljudsättning av data

FDT3301 HT20-1 Ljudsättning av data

fnins-10-00521-g002.jpgHeat maps. Trajectories performed in the xy-plane by four children when moving while controlling three different sound models (A, B, C). Each color represents one child, brighter color corresponds to higher velocity. 

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Sonification is a course at the Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design (MID), EECS,  worth 7.5 ECTS credits. It is given in period 2.

This course gives students basic theoretical and practical knowledge about the latest research findings in multisensory perception and cross-modal interaction.

The goals of the course are

  • to gain relevant knowledge of the state-of-the-art in the research fields of multisensory perception and cross-modal interaction
  • to take into account relevant properties and issues related to multisensory perception and cross-modal interaction
  • to use the gained knowledge for identifying important issues related to perception in the design and evaluation of new technical solutions

Each participant must give a 2-hour public seminar, work on a sonification project complemented by a written report. Both the project and its report could become part of the participant PhD thesis work.

The seminar should be based on course literature and a choice of additional scientific publications previously agreed upon with the course responsible. The seminar should:

  • focus on methods and technology for the design of information sonification
  • give an overview of some of the practices in sonification today
  • discuss advantages and examples of using data display with sound

Course Literature

Seminar list and slides

Final projects

Course summary:

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